Bill Validation & Utility Recovery

We at SMU have a dedicated billing team at hand to check and confirm any billing queries. From checking and confirming billing data to bill and invoice validation, our services ensure costs are minimized and are accurate for your business. Utility recovery remains our objective if any inaccuracies are identified.

Billing errors can occur for many reasons including incorrect data collection which can end up costing your business £’s. Many factors make up a billing invoice and due to the complexity of these and differing formats between suppliers, this is where overcharging can occur.

SMU will analyze your bills and investigate areas to provide you with the assurance your business is billed correctly or provide feedback for utility revenue recovery. SMU can go back as far as six years to identify revenue and utility recovery and quickly provide you with the savings.

An energy bureau report will then be provided to you to advise you of any errors and correct billing information.

The SMU bill validation system is accurate and provides you with another step to ensure your energy usage monitoring strategy is in line with your business requirements, energy management and utility recovery where appropriate.

We have been planning and building energy estimating, charging and service charge approval answers for over 30 years. During which time we have gotten extraordinary information, abilities and specialized capacity to convey industry driving bill approval and mistake identification programming.

Our expert arrangement completes more than 100 validator minds your utility receipt information, discovering information inconsistencies so you don’t need to. The expert usefulness will lighten asset pressure, saving you both time and cash, just as giving enhanced expense affirmation and recuperation openings.

SMU’s expense recuperation question the executives capacities kill the work concentrated interaction of overseeing provider receipt inquiries, permitting you to utilize significant asset time somewhere else.

The advantages of SMU’s bill the executives usefulness:

  • Fast preparing of enormous amounts of any EDI service bills to save administrator time on stacking solicitations physically
  • Interaction EDI bills for numerous locales, collecting immense measures of information in one spot
  • Guarantees just substantial bills are paid giving you income affirmation and featuring possible expense recuperations
  • Nitty gritty charging data can be caught to give prevalent announcing
  • Opens up assets needed for charge handling, which means assets can be utilized somewhere else in the business
  • Bespoke approval rules permit you to tailor charging checks in accordance with your energy the executives technique
  • Genuine expense investment funds made through bill checking and approval
  • Expanded degree of perceivability, openness, and profundity of information; giving better experiences to business arranging
  • Improves precision by killing manual information passage mistakes, giving better quality information
  • Advancement of a paperless climate, supporting your general manageability.