Business Comparison

Please note we believe in excellence and finding value for our clients in Business Comparison, hence why we provide the following as an addition to the below.

  • Account Management Service
  • Tender Prices
  • Obtain Bespoke prices
  • Ensure all sites start and finish together regardless if some were added at a later stage.

We deal with different types of businesses on a daily basis where we find the best price in the market either with their current supplier or other suppliers in the market. We don’t charge anything for our service and make it a smooth transition from one company to another if needed also we carry out the admin on your behalf so you don’t need to worry.

Please see below in terms of what we deliver and offer as part of our service:

  • Hand in terminations on behalf of our customer when needed
  • Remind all customers when the renewals due so they never roll over on ‘high prices’
  • Support customers on any queries in regards to their bill
  • Eight year experience in the field
  • Free service
  • Work with all the ‘big six’ companies in the UK ensuring we get ‘our’ customers the best price

The fundamentals are a simple way to reduce the cost. For most industries, energy is important, but it doesn’t require a high cost. Comparing premiums and having a lot from the energy company is a fast victory in saving costs for enterprise.

We do all the hard work to find the best quotes for your company, looking for hundreds of quotation. In negotiating exclusive prices with manufacturers, we leverage our industry power. By going through us, you have access to offers that are not available anywhere. Unit costs – that’s what you pay for the electricity you use per kilowatt hour (kWh). Standing Fee – Which is the cost to supply the company premises with electricity and to support the national grid.

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