The Switch My Utility Electrical tendering process involves negotiating with the top energy suppliers. With years experience of supplier relationships you can be certain we are committed to only dealing with first class gas and electricity suppliers for both service and price. The pricing management team at Switch My Utility are trained to have a “hands on” approach to gain the most out of everyday and every negotiation for our clients.

Once the specifications have been gathered Switch My Utility will place this into the Electrical tendering system and include the top utility suppliers ensuring all data is accurate and up to date. An analysis and report will then be sent to you identifying the best individual or group product offer.

If you are an existing client of Switch My Utility we have a contract renewal process ensuring the correct notice period is provided to your current supplier ahead of schedule. This ensures that no contracts within your portfolio roll onto deemed rates which could incur your business unexpected costs.

The key benefits of electrical tendering:

  • Suppliers can bid online
  • Automated the electrical tendering system
  • You can gain the audit trail that is full and the process intelligence
  • Reduce cost and run sustainable
  • Provide environmentally responsible e tenders
  • This can reduce time to procurement

In electrical business, Electrical tendering play a large role, so remember and understanding the e tender is key to success. There are many electrical projects in public and in private sector, are mostly put out for tender thats for bigger and potentially projects. If you have electrical tendering process nailed, then you improve your chances of landing the projects you did really like.

Here are some important steps to finding success with the electrical tender process:

  1. Need to assess the best and suitability of the opportunity
  2. You must have interest in it
  3. Must complete (PQQ) that is pre qualification questionnaire
  4. Need to receive invitation to tender
  5. Must understand the tender rules
  6. Notification and agreement for electrical project