Energy Monitor System

Switch My Utility will obtain an indicative price ON Energy monitor from utility suppliers in advance before your contract is due for renewal. This could be six months to a medium term in advance.

At this point you will see how the price compares from what you are currently paying. We will then ask you or recommend to you a target cost reduction you want to see achieved.

We will then track your renewal price on the live wholesale energy market and will contact you once it hits this target or send you a weekly/monthly or quarterly management report on how your renewal price compares.

What is Energy Monitor:

Energy monitors really are a gate way into the inner energy beams of one’s residence. They relate with a electricity meter to reveal just how much energy your home is currently using also to give details regarding ways to make your house more energy efficient. Energy monitors feature a number of features, from recognizing the energy using appliances into generating personalized tips to energy efficiency. On the other word we can say that energy monitor is one of the best way of tracking of energy that provides feedback on electrical energy use. The tracking device is also used for displaying cost of energy.

Benefits of energy monitor:

When you look on your electric bill you will notice that is pretty light on information. Your bill tells you about 2 thing

  • Till now how much electricty you have been used
  • How much you are being charge of the usage electricity

Now you want to cut-off your electric use to save some money or want to decrease your carbon footprint. To do that you also has to try to axe your needless utilization as a entire, or simply estimate which devices are heavy users. Energy monitors exist to reduce this guessing game. They attach to your circuit breaker and allow you to track your energy utilization with much finer feature, allow you to put the axe not here and cut your energy utilization with a blade instead.

What type of energy monitor features are important that to be consider:

  • Housing monitors & individual appliance monitors
  • Appliance recognition of electricty
  • Real time tracking of energy
  • Notifaction and mobile Apps
  • Installation

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