How it works

Our step-by-step guide to switch Energy Supplier(s)

1)   Call or email to speak to one of our ‘Energy Experts’

2)   Either send us your bill to our email address (  or have it with you to get the most accurate saving of your account

3)   From your bill we will be asking you questions on your usage, current supplier, but don’t worry the ‘Energy Experts’ will guide you

4)   Tell us how you want to pay and what type of energy plan you’re looking for (e.g., fixed or green). This will help us find the right plans for you and the experts will help you choose the best product

5)   Based on the information you’ve given us, we’ll show you a list of all suppliers and the savings you can make. You can also see customer satisfaction ratings for each supplier. Once you’ve read the details, you can pick the best plan for you. Confirm your switch and either sign the contract or do it over the  phone which takes a few minutes and is a good option as calls are recorded for the safety of all parties

6)   To provide a few details including your name and address, which we will pass on, along with your switch application, to your new supplier. Your new supplier will inform your old supplier of the switch, and set up your new account

7)   Welcome letter from us and then a 1-3 business days later you will get confirmation from the new supplier asking for reads

8)   If we switch than make sure the debt is paid with your current supplier and also ensure that termination has been served.  (If it hasn’t we will send you a letter of authority or you can download it on this link where sign and send it back and we will do the rest)