Metering Services

Get Smart Metering Services Changing and installing meters to increase or reduce capacity can be very time consuming and can result in unnecessary expenditure.

Switch My Utility provides metering services advice and assistance with the following:

Changing Capacity
SMU helps many businesses monitor capacity charges which can produce significant savings. Switch My Utility will advise you of any decrease or increase in capacity over your distribution allowance and either reduce this to produce savings or apply to increase this to avoid excess power charges on your account.

AMR – Smart Metering Services
Switch My Utility have specialist knowledge on metering services and are able to offer advice on all types of commercial and industrial smart metering. These include COP3 and COP5 electricity meters and AMR Services Solutions.

Managing and monitoring energy performance will help control energy consumption and cost. AMR – smart metering automatically delivers data directly to the energy supplier providing accurate usage information for billing, energy management and the CRC (Carbon Reduction Scheme) scheme.

SwitchMyUtility can also provide you with an online access portal to view your data via an online services reporting system.

Meter Operation agreements (MOP) apply to half hourly metered sites. MOP are available to tender and costs can vary depending on the meter operator. Various options are available from purchasing to leasing. Switch My Utility can help you find the right services solution for your business.

Data Collection charges (DC) are a mandatory requirement for Half Hourly supplies. DC charges are including the bill. Metering charges can differ from supplier to supplier. Switch My Utility gains data to ensure that bills are accurate and based on actual usage. SMU can recommend a data collector as it is possible to choose your own DC. Switch My Utility has a dedicated billing team to deal with any issues which may arise.

Opening New Premises
Opening new commercial premises is often a difficult task. Switch My Utility will provide support to you from smart meter installation, smart metering agreements and appointing data collectors. Whatever your service requirements, Switch My Utility will provide assistance to guide you through this crucial period.