Portfolio Strategy Management

From start to finish you will be updated on

your portfolio progress. Our continuing service will always be tailored around your ever changing utility purchasing requirements. We will ensure your portfolio strategy management and your portfolio is reviewed and maintained by our contract renewal processes, utility billing query investigation and energy market management reports. Bill validation services are also available to our clients if required. A member of SMU will arrange to meet you personally to ensure our ongoing portfolio strategy management service is to your complete satisfaction.


We give you the best possible protection from electricity’s financial risks. with tailored and economical steps to satisfy the risk requirements, we help you define risk factors in the very complicated energy industry. As an independent service company, we control industry and oil corporations’ portfolios and provide you with an ideal risk/reward ratio.

Your advantages

  • Customized programs and deals
  • Usage of all the business benefits with the acceptance of the risks
  • Optimizing your portfolio costs and rewards
  • Continuous energy procurement growth
  • Our fund manager offers optimal guidance and personal treatment.
  • Successive sales optimization with short-term industry trends in mind

In our highly productive risk assessment, we plan for all eventualities. To ensure full protection, we advise you on your portfolio structure and provide you with all the market knowledge required, or take over your portfolio management actively. You can believe our professionals. We mitigate the risk.